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Welcome to the home of the only authentic SawGuard chainsaw guard, where you'll find a proven design based on over 30 years of testing that helps provide the owner with protection for their chainsaw.  Made of time tested harness leather, you can rest assured that your SawGuard will last for years to come.

With a SawGuard, custom made leather bar cover, you can provide protection not only for yourself, but for the bed of your pickup or any other surface that the sharp chain might come into contact with.  You will no longer be taking a risk of injury from an unprotected chain saw.  Chain saws can sit in a garage where small children may cut themselves on an unprotected chain saw.  Also when unprotected chain saws come into contact with other surfaces they can become dull, requiring them to be sharpened before use.

If you are a fire department, electrical power company, tree trimming service or the home owner wanting a unique product that will last for years and years, please take a close look at what SawGuard can offer you. 


Check out our full selection of Chainsaw SawGuard's, where you're bound to find one to meet your needs!  We now offer free shipping on all orders over $500! The free shipping option is not available in Virginia or North Carolina.

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