The First SawGuard Chainsaw Bar Guard

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The model that SawGuard is based on was originally created over 30 years ago.  When I purchased my first chain saw, a Homelite Super XL, with a 20 inch bar in 1978, I was always worried about the blade being uncovered.  The exposed bar was something that could cause damage or could be damaged.  Obviously, an exposed chainsaw bar is dangerous to children and adults alike, and even that aside, it is design to cut, and can damage any surface that it comes in to contact with, and dull very easily. 

I asked my grandmother, who worked with leather, if there was something that could be made to cover the bar.  It had to be something that would not be cut or damaged by the blade itself.  The sewing holding the case together would have to be protected from the sharp cutting blade of the saw.  She told me she would see what she could do.
Several months later she presented me with the final product.  It was two pieces of heavy duty harness leather laminated together with leather spacers and held together with stitching and rivets.  Over the years the case has held up well and the stitching has not failed.  
Now, afer 30 years of dedicated use, we've decided to make the SawGuard available to the general public.  Enjoy the photos below of the original SawGuard.
The original chainsaw SawGuard
Original SawGuard chainsaw bar guard