Custom Add-On Information

The various custom add-ons are described below. Note that not all custom add-ons are available for all sizes of SawGuards. Go here to see a list of custom add-ons available for each SawGuard size.

ATV Mounts:  ATV mounts are sewn onto the side of the SawGuard case using polyester bonded thread.  All you have to do is supply the belt and you are ready to mount the SawGuard to an ATV, horse pack or motorcycle.  When ordering, please be sure to specify which direction you want the mounts sewn on (parallel or perpendicular).

ATV Mounts       ATV Mounts

Custom Name Plate:  This is a great way to customize your new SawGuard. The Custom name plate is made of durable “Vege Tanned Leather”. The lettering is lasered into the leather not printed on. This gives long lasting durability and readability to your name or logo so it will always be visible. When you type in your personal name or company name (in the long box) you will see it as it will appear on your SawGuard. Please take your time and make sure the spelling is correct as “All Sales Are Final” on custom name plates. All you have to do is supply us with the artwork or font you would like to use and we will do the rest. For Custom Logos, please contact us. We do have the ability to change the name at a later date, but you would be responsible for all associated costs. The number of characters on the name plate is dependent on the SawGuard size due to space limitations. Please contact if you would like a logo, custom artwork, or more than the standard number of characters on your name plate. This is a great gift idea for the dad who has everything, or the company that wants to be able to identify its property.

Custom name plate      Custom Name Plate

Single Spike Dog Protector:  When added to a SawGuard the Single Spike Dog Protector covers a single spike dog that is usually located on the motor side of the chain saw.  It simply slides over the dog protecting the operator from being stabbed by the spikes.  It is usually applied to mid range saws. 

Single Spike Dog Protector        Single Spike Dog Protector

Double Spike Dog Protector:  For larger saws that come equipped with large spike dogs on both sides of the blade, the double spike dog protectors are a must.  Designed mainly for wild land fire fighters and loggers, the double protector completely covers the spikes all the way around the bar. This keeps the spikes from digging into you or something other than the log you are cutting.  SawGuard has two types, one that just covers the spikes or when attached to the muffler guard becomes a complete protection system to protect the operator of the saw.

Double Spike Dog Protector       Double Spike Dog Protector

Muffler Guard:  The muffler guard is a large flat piece of harness leather that is attached to the SawGuard case and protects you the operator from coming into contact with a hot muffler.  It gives you the ability to take a hot saw, put the SawGuard on the saw and immediately shoulder load it.  When you are moving to another area having to wait for a saw to cool down might not be an option.  The muffler guard also helps to alleviate some of the discomfort that comes from having to carry a saw long distances.  The muffler guard eliminates the need to install a shoulder pad on a pair of suspenders and also keeps from rubbing and damaging the suspenders.  Add the double dog spike dog protector and you have a combination that not only gives comfort, but great protection all in one.

Muffler Guard        Muffler Guard

Muffler Guard & Double Spike Dog Protector:  The muffler guard will protect the motor side of the saw and will cover the spikes on that side, but for large saws with a small set of spike dogs the off side needs to be protected as well.  Designed for saws with spikes on both sides, but not large enough for the complete wrap around protector, SawGuard offers this product.

Muffler Guard

28 inch PVC Strap:  The PVC strap is an alternative to the leather strap or the standard bungee hook.  Its bright orange color adds visibility to the SawGuard.  It’s UV protected and is as durable as the leather.  It can be ordered with the SawGuard or can be installed later as a replacement to the optional leather strap or the standard bungee hook.

PVC strap

28 inch Leather Strap:  The optional leather strap is made with the same leather the SawGuard case is made from.  It’s tough, durable and long lasting.  It can be ordered with the SawGuard or added later to replace the standard bungee hook.

Leather strap

Reflective Tape:  This add on product was offered to the Wild Land Firefighters, Residential/Commercial Firefighters and Power Utility Companies that operate at night.  Its reflective capabilities give added safety and visibility for low light situations.  For day time, the bright orange and yellow colors are easy to spot.  It is very durable (it’s the same product used on firefighter’s bunker gear).  Grease resistant and heat resistant, it cleans up easily with soap and water.  Depending on use this product will last for years and years.  But if it does need repair or replacement, it can be done easily.  Just contact us for details.  When you have decided on this product, just select the color you want by clicking the selection square to the corresponding color you want.  When you receive your SawGuard, it will have that color on both sides of the product.

Reflective tape        Reflective Tape

Tool Bag:  The tool bag is made of lighter leather called Latigo, but is processed the same way as the harness leather.  It is very durable, but very pliable.  The bag measures 13 inches long and 4 inches deep.  It can carry a wide variety of tools, spark plug, files, wrenches, pull rope and other needed items.   

Tool bag       Tool bag

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